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When two or three are having an argument, it helps if all of the participants at least agree on what they are talking about.  Alas and alack, this is not always possible; in marital rows, for example.  In debates about religion, the mismatch between the parties is well-nigh catastrophic. (more…)


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My quotation of the week is from Michael Ruse  The evolution-creation struggle. Harvard UP, 2006  p274:

“For a start, atheists like [Richard] Dawkins and [Jerry] Coyne might consider taking a serious look at contemporary Christian theology(or the theology of other faiths, for that matter), rather than simply parroting the simplistic schoolboy travesties of religion* on which their critiques are founded.  Conversely, Christians like [Keith] Ward or [Holmes] Rolston might be encouraged to dig more deeply into modern, professional evolutionary biology and to start to get some understanding of its strengths and triumphs before they cast around for alternatives like self-organization.”

*These are described sympathetically but critically in the first part of Marcus J Borg  The God we never knew: beyond dogmatic religion to a more authentic contemporary faith.  HarperOne, 1998.

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