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Religion explains.  That is its function.  All the great belief systems have their own responses – explanations for the perplexed – to humanity’s great eternal questions, developed and embellished over centuries of exposition. (more…)


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Throughout human history believers have looked to “God” to answer life’s great questions but also aware of the paradox that “God” does not “exist.” Christianity makes the boldest claim: that “God” became a human, but remains divine.  The mysteries and further questions persist. (more…)

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Here’s an intriguing thought: what would we feel if we were able to visit a perfect world – identical to ours, but perfect?  Would we come away happy?  Or disturbed?

My guess is that in the first hour or two of our visit we would be fascinated and envious.  Everything would look so good.  The gardens would be in full bloom with beautiful flowers and trees; the parks and streets filled with good-looking, apparently happy people. The buildings would seem well-crafted and cared for; the homes inviting; everything clean and neat; everyone well-dressed and healthy; no litter, or signs of damage or decay… (more…)

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