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What’s it all about?

The earliest Christians had certain assumptions which underpinned the whole theological construct for them but which we do not share.  This is because assumptions are contingent: things and ideas, even religious ones, change under pressure from external realities.  (more…)


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If, like all scripture, the New Testament is soaked in allegory and metaphor, we are entitled to question a number of propositions, including the atonement theory, and their dependence on an anthropomorphic view of “God”. (more…)

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Concentration camp inmate

Bergen-Belsen, 1945

Now, at the beginning of Holy Week, it is difficult to imagine science fiction shedding any light on what Christians believe is about to happen.  The Passion and the Crucifixion are in a different category, full of various layers of meaning, none of which seems to have any direct relevance to what science writers might depict.  But I remember reading a short story, years ago, that makes such a connection, and powerfully, and opens the door to an uncomfortable truth, about who is crucified and by whom. (more…)

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At its molten core, the current science versus religion debate is compromised, it seems to me, by category error.  This is a recipe for mutual misunderstandings.  It’s most obviously revealed when periodically each side is forced into a ‘time out’ moment and has to say, “It depends on what you mean by…”  This tentative statement becomes critical when eventually we all arrive at that ultimate question, “Does God exist?” (more…)

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