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There were four things the Master refused to have anything to do with: he refused to entertain conjectures or insist on certainty; he refused to be inflexible or to be egotistical.

Confucius  The First Ten Books [of the Analects] Trans. D C Lau.  London, 1979  Book IX:4


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My recent reading is bringing home to me what I should have realised long ago; that successive attempts to ‘define God’ or ‘prove’ that God exists, or do the opposite, are pursued only by people whose mindsets are steeped in the materialism and individualism typical of Western culture.  Were it not for the rise of radical Islam since 2001, this essentially sterile debate would have run out years ago, for want of fuel and under pressure from new concerns and ideas. (more…)

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The argument so far: whatever we, as believer or non-believer alike, refer to as “God” is subject to the God Paradox. This is the paradox that, to be truly ‘godlike’, anything we label as such must necessarily be outside our human frame of reference.  That is the only frame available to us.  Within that frame we can say that either something ‘is’ or it is not.  So the “God” concept is, in our terms or in any terms meaningful to us, literally non-existent. (more…)

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