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We watch a lot of TV series from the US, most of it very well written and illustrative of America today.  At least we assume so.  But one hole does appear in the fabric.  For a society supposed to be so religious, America on screen rarely seems to darken the doors of places of worship except to attend weddings and funerals or chase people.

Of course there are exceptions.  One episode of The West Wing shows the anguished president alone in the National Cathedral; another has Toby attending temple and talking with the rabbi afterwards.  In ER, a troubled Dr Susan Lewis is shown in one episode entering and leaving a church at Christmastide.  The NYC Police Commissioner in Blue Bloods visits his parish church for hard words with the priest, and I seem to remember Jack Killian doing the something of the same in an episode of Midnight Caller.  I can’t think of any others.  Brody worshipping on his prayer mat in Homeland is not quite the same thing.

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Religion explains.  That is its function.  All the great belief systems have their own responses – explanations for the perplexed – to humanity’s great eternal questions, developed and embellished over centuries of exposition. (more…)

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