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As the media have noticed, this is the last chance we have to speculate who will be the next Archbishop of Canterbury.  The chances of each candidate rise and fall each day this week the appointments committee meets, in secret.

You can’t favour one or other potential primate without having a view on what essential qualities the postholder should have, let alone any identification with this or that party in the Church of England.  Let me get right to it then.  There is one criterion which trumps all the others.

Bearing in mind that the job is not really suitable for a ‘man of God’ (see my previous blog on this), I believe that the next +Cantuar should be a mensch, that’s all.  This Yiddish word is variously defined all over the web but I reckon that a ‘good, strong man you can rely on to lead’ just about does it.

So I nominate Nick Baines, Bishop of Bradford, to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Cardinal C M Martini SJ

A good man, a wise pastor and teacher and a great spirit

“When a just man dies,
Lamentation and praise,
Sorrow and joy, are one.”

Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis.

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In which date order were the books of the New Testament written?  Chronological order, which makes clear, for example, that the gospels were written after St Paul’s creation of churches in Greece and Asia Minor, illuminates facets of the story of the development of the early Christian church, as a fascinating article by Marcus Borg demonstrates.

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